Frequently Asked Questions

Are prices indicated for the two stringers?

Yes, left and right stringers, slide connectors and all connecting fasteners with Allen key.


Are steps/treads includes?

No. Measure and/or determine the width of your stairs and cut same size step/treads you choose (from 2x’s to the best hardwood and other fine stair finish products you’ll find locally) to screw onto the perforated step supports. The following standard materials or equivalent are recommended :

2x10s or 1″ hardwood treads: up to 36 inches wide
2x12s or 1¼” hardwood treads: up to 48 inches wide


What about raillings?

There are two simple methods for attaching railings to your stairs:

1. with railing posts fastened from inside the perforated steel stringers and railing boards fastened to posts above stringers (easiest method)
2. with railing posts and system attached to the top of the treads


Are Fast-Stairs stringers code compliant?

Yes. Our A model (7 7/16″ riser height) and B model (7¾” riser height) stringers are residential stair building code compliant everywhere in the US and Canada. Our C model (8¼” riser height) stringers are OSHA compliant. Our P model (6⅞” riser height) are commercial/public space code compliant.


How do I determine which Fast-Stairs model I need for my stair project?

Fast-Stairs provide a unique, quick and easy way to build long lasting, free-standing 2½ to 13 ft high stairs. No stair stringer calculator required. No more figuring out the rise and run of steps. Simply measure your floor to floor vertical height and then choose the Fast-Stairs adjustable model that fits the desired height of your stairs. Make sure you have the necessary bottom floor horizontal run and that your top floor opening is large enough (usually 70% of the horizontal run measurement) for an 80″ head clearance.


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