Step/treads, Railings and Risers for Steel Stair Stringers

We recommend the following for step/treads, railings and risers which are not included with Fast-Stairs stringer products:


Measure and/or determine the width of your stairs and cut same size step/treads you choose (from 2x’s to the best hardwood and other fine stair finish products you’ll find locally) to screw onto the perforated steel step supports. The following standard materials or equivalent are recommended :

2x10s or 1″ hardwood treads: up to 36 inches wide
2x12s or 1ΒΌ” hardwood treads: up to 48 inches wide

Make sure that all step/tread materials you add to your Fast-Stairs stringers comply with the materials’ load capacity.


There are two simple methods for attaching railings to your stairs:

workstairs top WS2 side view workstairs front workstairs bottom
With railing posts fastened from inside the perforated steel stringers and railing boards fastened to posts above stringers (easiest method).

A14 Deck stairs
With railing posts and system attached to the top of the treads.


If required, simply screw risers to the back edge of the fastened step/treads.



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