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Uses and testimonials

I wanted to update you on our project- finally did some DIY railings tonight, and couldn’t be happier with the stairs.

- John, St-Louis, MO

Here's a handful of pics. Great product, all my friends and coworkers are very impressed. Cheers!

- Jared, MA

"Fast-Stairs, easy going together, the metal is good, takes a weld just fine, sturdy, very happy with it!"

- James Beattie

Fast stairs worked really well for our need to have a stair that is easy to install, looks good and blends well into our environment. Thank you Fast Stairs. Here are some pictures from my project.


- Sekar, Georgia

First off, THANK YOU! These stringers are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Fantastic design and SUPERB quality! I had them painted black at an automotive paint center and bought black hardware from Grainger. It only took an hour or so to assemble and mount the treads. Simply brilliant!! The design was easy to understand and assemble. These stringers look amazing and are VER HIGH QUALITY! The stairs make the space.

- John Hawkins, Florida

I could not have done this project without this incredible product. Thanks to Fast-Stairs stringers.
- Steven, New Mexico

Sirs. The C12 Fast-Stairs stringers are awesome when compared to wood 2x12s. Thanks,

- Gordon WA
Here are Fast-Stairs stringers using metal grip strut treads (not included)

- Tom F.

This was my first project using Fast-Stairs stringers. I had a friend cut the banister, then I welded and bolted it in place. The treads are poplar wood with a natural stain. I will send you photos of the new project as it moves along. Easy to use, great product. Thank you for your help.

- Jan, Florida
Thanks for your ordering help. Here are pictures of the completed stairs. We
are extremely happy with product and final results. I gave your info out to
a few people so hopefully they contact you.

- Mark NY

Completed project.  Very satisfied.  Thanks for your assistance.

FYI step treads are #1 PT milled 2x12x48 from Lowes.  Rail system is Maxi-rail all aluminum from UBI (U Build It).

- Jeffrey, Florida

This is great. I really appreciate it and you can tell from my video (above) that the stairs turned out really good so I am grateful for the Fast-Stairs® metal stringers product. Thanks.
- John, California
I just wanted to write in to tell you how satisfied I am with my fast stairs purchase. I just remodeled my basement and needed stairs installed so that I could enter the basement from inside my house. I searched everywhere but fast stairs had not only the best product as far as quality,  but also the easiest product to assemble and install. The stairs are a perfect fit and the customer service was great.  The owner himself answered the phone and really held my hand and guided me to make the correct choice of stringers based on my measurements.  I really want to say thank you and that I recommend fast stairs to anyone in need of a new stairs.
- Ronald Fason

I just have to say, these stairs went together easily and the creative options are endless! We chose to custom fabricate the guard rails and use stainless cable to really give the room an open feel. Love them!
Thank you!
- Lucas from Wisconsin

I am happy with the stairs.

- T. Kennedy, MI
I will admit, I was a bit skeptical, but Fast-Stairs® is now my go to product, especially for longer stairs. The video was very helpful and the results speak for themselves. While building the stairs, in a new development, several neighbors and contractors asked about the product and were very impressed. So was I.
- Bill C., Maryland
Assembly completed, inspection passed
- Angelina, California
- Bill, Montana
Hello Fast-Stairs,
Just thought I would send photos of the final product with fast-stairs stringers. I am a true DIYer as my day job is a music teacher. Did everything myself from start to finish! Thanks for answering my question quickly as well.

- Chad M., Pennsylvania
Very happy with the Fast-Stairs® A14 stringers used in my stair project. Thank you.
- Mark, Colorado
Thanks for all the help. Here is a picture of the loft stairs completed. It worked out great! Thanks
- Bill, Montana
Hi. I wanted to send you pictures of our finished fast stairs. We are quite happy with how the vision turned out. Thank you!

- Rebecca M., Alabama
Happy to send you a photo of the completed P22 staircase. We love it. Thanks for delivering a great product!

- James, Tacoma WA

Thought I’d send along some pics of the new fast-stairs my parents and I installed in less than 1/2 day, including the run to the lumber store for the cut treads. I did my research and found y’all and knew I could replace my stairs with my parents’ help and it wouldn’t be a gazillion dollars to hire someone to put in another set of janky, not sturdy steps. It also wouldn’t require me to do math or but a jig to cut the stringers! I really do love the stairs and have told coworkers about them today. I’ve already spread the word to my neighbors and even the owner of my local hardware store... you can see in the attached pics that my dogs feel much more comfortable on the stairs too!
Thank you so much! You’re good people!

- Cory, Kilian (German Shepherd) and Louis (Berger Picard)


Thanks again for creating such a great product.  My wife and I assembled the stairs quickly and with a little help from a friend we painted and attached the stairs and installed custom treads.  The stairs have upgraded the safety and added additional value to our home!
I have recommended your product to several contractors and friends as a “cool” and cost effective option for existing or new stairs.
Thanks again.
- Csaba, New Brunswick, Canada

I installed two sets of your stair stringers, and they are great. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I used 1 inch aluminum tubing for the balusters and 1.25 inch aluminum channel for the handrail. It is very sturdy and looks professionally installed. I never could have built these stairs myself without your ingenious DIY solution. Thanks!!!

- Brad Thomason, Washington State

Your stairs (stringers) have worked perfectly for my zipline platform. They were easy to install and have held up very nicely to the elements. They really helped me get my project finished in a timely manner and they look great. Thanks.

Bill Mars, Ohio


I wanted to send you a picture of my stairs as I got them finished. Please feel free to use it on your website.’ 

- John, Missouri

These are pictures from my stair/entryway rebuild of my house in Pollock Pines California. Fast-Stairs® steel stringers is an important key in designing well-built and long-lasting structures and a huge step forward for individuals like myself who want organic (wood). The benefits are enormous. No more cracked, twisted, unstable wood stringers! I have a friend here who has purchased the same stringer set, (A-14), for his deck as well. I very much appreciate a product that does what it promises. Fast stairs assemble well and go up solid to last a lifetime! Excellent. Thanks!!

David Westsmith, Penn State World Campus.

"Our stairs turned out great"

- Anonymous
Hi, I finally got it put together and the railing installed. B18/19 risers and it fits the hillside just right.  Thanks for your help—and for a handsome solution to my problem.

Doug, Idaho

Thanks for your help. Very simple yet effective product.

Tim, Texas
All Done, Looks Beautiful!...I have completed my riverbank installation of a very LOOONG Fast-Stairs. We live on the east bank of the Hudson river, a good ways above the water line and it was impossible to walk down the angled path we had on the bank. So I looked for an alternative and found your Fast Stairs! Ta-da! You have a very fine product! The fit of the parts was excellent and presented no difficulties. Thanks VERY much! Super happy.

John, NY state
‘My project is far from complete but your A12 stringers kit made quick work of getting stairs up to the platform that will be the base for my backwoods mini-cabin. I’ve already shared your site with multiple people.  I hunted around for the easiest way to get a set of stairs put in and am VERY happy I found your website. I’m very pleased with your product!!’

- Brian, Michigan
Well I finally finished. Here are some pictures. One of a kind but they work great. Had to engineer the hinges and do some real cool wood working…Treads are 25″ W and routed with 1/2 round over bit. I call them slow stairs, but they are close to perfect. If anyone needs help, have them call me. 414-254-9473

- Russ Cederholm

Fast stairs made my renovation much faster and easier. They are rock solid and because of the design I built a little closet underneath. All of the subcontractors asked about them.
- Justin Tirelli, Virginia

My B12 Stair Stringers kit was quite easy and quick to assemble. I did use your on line video(s) for reference and they did in fact help with the assembly of the stringers. I used your stair kit for access to the loft in my shop. I used 2X12's for my step treads I installed a Fortress railing with a fascia mount on my stairs and installed spacer blocks between the wall and stairs that I anchored to a stud. I'd like to thank you for manufacturing such a great product that's easy to use.
- Cary Sherrow, Oregon 
Got the A14 stairs finished. Reused the railing that was in place for the prior stairs. Thanks for your help.

- Lee, Houston, TX
I had always hated how the ugly wood staircase imposed itself on the space. I had my revenge by ripping the wood stringers out and replacing it with a steel stringers kit ordered online. There is more space, the lines are cleaner and the oak treads will look great after a few coats of finish. I'm very satisfied. Enjoy.
- A. Cammer, Kentucky
We just replaced our rickety old basement stairs using one of your kits. It was a great project, and we are really happy with the results. Thanks for making such a great product at a fair price. We found it very easy to assemble. The YouTube video really helped. The new stairs are rock solid, and are much nicer than straight lumber stairs. Thanks again. I’m attaching a before and after photo.
- Jeremy Routhier-James
People LOVE the way these stairs look! We love them too. They really helped us solve a problem in an easy and affordable way. Thanks!
- David and Jerani Horne

Hi; got her up in place!

- Tom, USA
Just wanted to share the photos of stairs I built. It's impossible to imagine how I could have done it without the Fast-stairs B 16 kit. I'm a 69 year old retired college professor, not a builder, but with some help from my son in law put these up in a few hours in a very hard access spot. These span a gully and connect two landings in the middle of a set of three staircases. You can be sure that when I rebuild the lower section I'll be using your product.
- Richard Arthur

You have my permission to use this P18 photo! It came out great!

Thank you!

David, Texas
Thanks again for all of your help with the project solution. Planning on using your stair stringers again. Here are some pictures after the installation.
- Poplar Grove Contractors
The fast-stairs kit worked well – I am pleased with the product purchase.
- Tom R. Gray
Thanks for the fast response on the short stringer section.  I have completed the stair installation and am now waiting for a railin to be installed.
- Uwe Schmidt
HI, thought you might like to show everyone the Faststairs I put in my garage for attic storage. sure beats a drop down ladder! Took me one weekend to do this by myself.
- Bobby Aaron Lakeside , Arizona
You shipped me your stair kit about 2 months ago. Wanted to share with you the final completion to the loft. This is in North Georgia near lake Lanier.

- Chris Hamman
Due to the easy and convenient way the staircase stringers could be handled the stair project turned out to add a real stylish element to our rustic log cabin.
Fast stairs really helped us to complete this job.
Best regards

- Bert Wagemans
Attached please find a photo of my completed project. One side is mounted into the studs and the other side is clad with Red Oak. I had a welder come to help me fabricate the railings out of T-bars I purchased from a local industrial metal store. I also ran cable wires through the posts to complete the contemporary look I was going for.
For the treads I used Ikea butcher block counter tops and cut them to size.
I saved over $6,000 since this job was DIY.
I am very happy with the finished product.
- Vince Li, California
The stairs worked out very well... assemble better and faster...
- Ronald Palmer, California
We love your stairs, we do not loose light in the room because of simple structure, stairs are not steep, just perfect for our place and they are only 30 inches wide so we were able to use 2x6 trex for treads and millennium fascia and trim for finish on stringers. Thank you !
- Mirka Nykl, British Columbia
I just wanted to send some photos of our finished stairs project that we completed today, using your P16 model stringers. We needed to connect an upper and lower deck in our house that previously had no way to get from one to the other. We received two quotes from contractors to do the job, and both quotes were in excess of $4,000. With your stringer kits and the lumber for the treads, rails, and spindles, we completed the job for under $1,000, and everything looks great. The stairs are very sturdy with no wobble whatsoever, and everything was very easy to install. The stringers look great and work perfectly. I would highly recommend to anyone considering the purchase of your metal stringers that they go ahead and order - they won't be disappointed!
Please feel free to use these pictures on your website if you are interested - I didn't see many examples of running a staircase using your stringers from one deck to another, so hopefully this gives some future customers some additional ideas on their use.
Thanks again for a great product!
- Jon Correll, Reading, PA

The stairs have been framed. I thought you would enjoy viewing them in the attached images. Thank you again. We are very happy with the results.
- Richard and Patsy Bryant, Spencer, Indiana

Photo is attached. The stairs are great.
- Robert Burgess, Louisiana
Looks great and primed and painted with rust-proofing.

- Jim Kellogg, New Jersey
Thought these pictures might inspire others to use one of your stair kits to access a special place to view the world. I couldn't be happier with the results.

- Dennis Boles, Arkansas

Your product saved me a lot of measuring and cutting to build my own stairs. Took only a few hours to assemble the risers, cut the treads, and assemble the stairs. Thanks for making this project a success!
- Roger Straw

The stringers are great, put them up in two days, My neighbor ordered hers and we put them up even quicker. They both look great. Next step is putting on rails. Thanks again I have been looking fo a long time for something like this.

- Walter, Derby KS
Thank you for your great product! The stairs look very nice, and assembly was very easy.

- Victoria Parkman, Washington
I wanted to build a deck that would allow a view over the house. This meant getting up almost 10 feet. It was very helpful using Fast-Stairs. I painted the pieces a brown to go better with the color of the deck. Very satisfied. Thanks again,
- Dave
Removable hand rails made out of square tubing.
- Mike
Great stairs. worked well for my project.

- Gary Berchenko, Los Angeles
Excellent system, fast and sturdy. Would definitely order this product again.

- Jeff Heinemann, New York
I have attached pictures of the finished staircase, they are 63" wide! Stairs are 2x12 step and 2x12 risers attached via a lap joint using 2"cabinet screws. Then I trimmed out with pine to cover the metal stringers. Underneath this staircase is a Master Closet consisting of 35 ft of combination hanger/shelf space, a 20 ft of shoe rack, sitting area, 30 cu ft of storage. Your Fast-Stairs® metal stringers were well worth the expense. Thank you

- David Jones, Kentuky
Here is the finished product. Thank you.

- Kevin O’Brien, Minnesota
We love our new stairs! These stairs are very sturdy, much sturdier than the ones we replaced. Thank you.

- Richard Whittaker and Coleen Robbins, Idaho
This is a great stair that replaced my old rotten wooden stairs. Who needs carpentry experience? This product is so easy to build. I feel lucky to find you on the web.
- Brando Zamora, Surrey, BC, Canada
Your stairs are great, easy to install. Just ordered another set for another house.
- Brian Fischer, California
Consider the text below as my testimonial:
The Fast-Stairs® product did not come up short of its description from the website. It was simple to assemble and the dimensions were perfect. Prior to discovering your product, the biggest challenge with installing stairs on an exterior attached deck that measured exactly 106" tall was finding a product that met my needs and would not be a high maintenance material.
Fast-Stairs® to the rescue!
I ordered the stringers that was exactly 106" with 14 risers. It lined up perfectly and I was able to reduce one riser from the original stairdesign. From my picture you will be able to see that it was possible to build low maintenance stairs and railling by using powder coated materials. The only maintenance to anticipate is the replacement of individual stair treads as Southern Alberta winters take their toll on the pressure treated wood, but not for a few years. Replacing a tread should be just as effortless as the original assembly.
This is a good product!
- Dave Lanktree, Alberta, Canada
I love my stairs! My son-in-law, Roger, installed them easily. He fitted them to my specifications and added the bannister for my support. I work on my roof periodically doing maintenance and the ladder was just getting too much for me.
Attached are my pictures for your use and you can add this testimony.
Thank you for creating this product. If there are any questions please feel free to email me.
- Anna Sotomayor, Tucson, Arizona
I just wanted to thank you for making/marketing such a great product! We purchased our set of the Space Saving stringers for a project in our basement. We were taking out the old wooden steps to make our basement more "flood-friendly" because we have flooded several times in the past. The door frame was a smaller size than normal and we were really stuck on how to accomplish this...until we stumbled across your website.
You were kind enough to speak to my husband on several occasions before we ordered so we knew we were ordering what we needed to have. We decided to go with the Space Saving C model so we could have more clearance at the bottom of the stairs to walk around.
They went in pretty easily and we found their flexibility to be just what we needed. As you can see, we painted them black to match our decor and added our own touch with stained oak treads. We added a railing quite nicely. Again, I can't thank you enough for your quick delivery and great customer service!
Attached you will find several pictures of the stairs in place. Thanks!!  
- Kerry & Billie Lineberry, North Carolina
Please find attached a photo of our stair installation. In the image you'll notice a vertical ladder attached to the workshop wall on the left-hand side of the photo. I am 63 and my wife is 59. The ladder had become unsafe for us to use for access to the workshop loft. The Fast Stairs installation has completely solved the problem and restored about 300 square feet of valuable storage space.
The treads are just 2" x 10" x 30" cut pieces of lumber. The hand rail is made from prefab pieces purchased at our local Lowe's. The cost of the treads was about $30 and the railing less than $20.00 for everything you see. The total cost of the project was under $400. One of the contractors had given me an estimate of $1,000 to build the same thing out of wood. The entire installation, including the trip to Lowe's, took less than two hours to complete working by myself.
Many thanks for a fantastic product. I will be recommending the Fast Stairs stringers at every opportunity!
- Steve Copold, Texas
We installed an A10 at our cottage in Northern Ontario last weekend. Assembled as easily and fast as advertised. Exceptionally stable and sleek looking. The two stairs we installed at our family cottage are fantastic and everyone is very impressed with them.
thank you,
- Andrew Mikitchook, Ontario
Just wanted to thank you for helping me get the staircase constructed...
I haven't finished the anchoring yet but from the attached picture you can see how it looks going up to the loft in the condo.. Pretty nice!!...
- Barry Levine, Ohio
Attached are the pictures of my finished Stair project.

These stairs are GREAT, my wife can now let the dogs out into the back yard without having to walk all the way into the basement to let them out!

- Jeffrey W. Skiba, Florida
I had some help today and got the stairs up. None of us could believe how we just stood them up out of the back of my pick up and walked them over and let the hooks fall right into place on the deck. Believe it or not, they were actually level and the base is on a packed stone driveway. We had to check it three times before we believed it. I have to pick up some wood for the railing but That will be a breeze now. I am also thinking about putting risers on the back of the steps for the dog. I would recommend this process to anyone who wants strength, uniform looks and ease of installation.
Thank you
- Hugh "Butch" Arnold, Maryland
Check out my photos - before and after
- Evan Lumley
Thanks again for helping me. I have finally installed my new basement stairs and absolutely love them; they feel 100% rock solid, which is a night and day difference from what we had before (pretty pathetic looking, not to mention dangerous). They were very easy to put together. Thanks.
- Anonymous
I thought I would take a couple of minutes to congratulate you for an unbelievable engineering job. I received my kit and had it up in a very short period of time. It was everything your web site said it was.
I would highly recommend your product to anyone.
- John Dayton
Completed my Fast-Stairs® project and it really is some of the best work I have ever done. Fast-Stairs® pushes the bar way up and you just cannot do anything else but your best. How can I send you pics? Can't say enough about the quality. I have the smartest stairs in California!

- David, California
"Recently purchased your C-10 stair package.It worked perfectly for our space which a contractor spent 2 days trying to figure out. We received it quickly and installed them in about 1/2 a day and trimmed them. We are going to order them again for all our rehab projects, even the inspectors were impressed. Thanks again for making our projects easier."

- T. Romeo, Michigan
"A top pick out of our 2007 product showcase... The safe, rustproof powder-coated stringers set up and adjust easily for basements, attics, lofts, condos, post-frames, storage, garages, warehouse, barns, cabins and outdoor uses including roofs, decks & construction job sites."
Home Builder Canada
"One of the best new products on the market today."
Canadian Contractor Magazine
We got the stairs and they are great. We will be wanting more. I have a project that need stairs that are steep. I have about 8 1/2 feet on the floor to go 7 1/2 ft tall. Ideas? It is a loft storage space not a high traffic or public space issue.
- Jim Asaff, Dallas
I just wanted to tell you that I received the stairs yesterday afternoon and just completed installing them.  They are very nice and were extremely easy to install. Thank you very much.
- Tim Ross
Installed the stairs today. It went very smoothly. Thanks for a great product.
- Ken Martin
Thanks! Great product & service. My second set of stairs from you. I will send pictures of installation on my deck!
- Don Lavallee
Thanks, for your fine product and "customer relations" :-)

- Cindy
The stairs are up and they're great!

- Ronasa Kabanuck
You have been an excellent person to work with --- and man-o-man what a set of stairs. They are so strong and so easy to put together. Thank you and Fast-Stairs
- George Settles
...the product was fantastic and have told many people about it and would not hesitate to purchase again in the future.
- Richard Morse, Mass.
I wanted to let you know I got my shipment of the stair stringers on the 14th as promised. I have installed them and they work terrific. They are easy to assemble and work with. The strength engineered into the design is amazing.  
Thank you again for the prompt service.
- Brian Frei, California 
The new stairs are in and our employees and our delivery drivers are very happy with them (2x12 treads) Thanks,
- Rodney Green, Connecticut
We received the fast-stairs on Friday and they are perfect. Much better than expected. The material is built to endure a lifetime. Thanks for a great product.

- Fred and Paula Gage, New York
Assembly was very easy! Our first house project since the birth of our son and we were able to do it all during his afternoon nap. Basement is prone to flooding so we are looking forward to having these steps much longer than the last ones! Thank you!
  - Brie Spangler, North Carolina
To Fast-Stairs,

I had never built a stairway before. One was required for the remodel I was planning for my newly purchased "fixer-upper" home. I surfed the Internet for ideas and came upon and talked with customer service on the phone. I bought package WS2 and proceeded to build a perfectly beautiful 4ft wide stairwell by myself. The cost in money and effort for these steel stringers was less than that of wood stringers and were easier by far to erect and level perfectly. I recommend them without reservation. Thank you for your quick reply to my questions during construction. Your support of these products is excellent.
- Joe Sowa, Washington
About our metal stair stringers
All photos and videos shown on this website were provided by customers.

Uses and testimonials

"The stairs worked out very well... assemble better and faster..."

- Ronald Palmer, California

"Fast-Stairs worked really well for our need to have a stair that is easy to install, looks good and blends well into our environment. Thank you Fast-Stairs"

- Sekar, Georgia

"Your stairs are great, easy to install. Just ordered another set for another house."

- Brian Fischer, California

"You have been an excellent person to work with. And man-o-man what a set of stairs. They are so strong and so easy to put together. Thank you and Fast-Stairs."

- George Settles

"The product was fantastic and have told many people about it and would not hesitate to purchase again in the future."

- Richard Morse, Mass.
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